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effect: Google Prediction

The magician leaves a prediction in an envelope or on a spectator's cell phone, then does a search on google images, and asks a spectator to choose, among the millions of results, a random image. Once the image has been chosen, the magician shows the prediction he had left on the spectator's phone or in the envelope and it exactly matches the chosen image!


With Anyweb you can perform amazing magic effects using any web page.

Impress anyone, in any situation.
Imagine being able to do magic with the website you want, you just have to put a little imagination and you can surprise anyone, anywhere, anytime without the need to know anything about magic, without complicated techniques. You learn to use it in minutes. The app does all for you.

This amazing app is ideal for beginner and professional magicians.
Anyweb is a world of magical possibilities, with simple and direct effects explained in detail.
You will also be able to create your own effects, with Anyweb your imagination is the limit!

Anyweb is designed for smartphones and tablets, so you can have it to surprise from Close Up to large stages.

Anyweb is an app created by Magic Pro Ideas, a group of professional magicians from Argentina, Javier Franco, Leandro Bas and Abril Kan.

With Anyweb you will evolve your magic!