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mind readings
with a borrowed

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effect: Predicion with a Borrowed Phone

The magician asks a spectator to take out his phone and to enter to his contact list, then he borrows his phone. Following this, he delivers this phone to another spectator and asks him to enter any contact from the contact list, on this phone given by the first spectator.
The spectator enters a contact.
The magician asks this second spectator to concentrate on the last 4 numbers of that contact he has chosen.
The magician writes something and asks the spectator to say the phone number aloud, the magician shows that what he has written matches exactly with that 4 numbers!


With this app created by Magic Pro Ideas, designed for professional and amateur magicians, you can perform impossible mind´s readings with a borrowed phone. In an impromptu way, without the need to install something on your phone, or make any prior arrangement.
You can simply make a prediction on one or several phone numbers on any phone. This will generate incredible reactions.
With this amazing app, you can perform these and meny more effects.

You can always have the app configured to perform the effects at any time and place.
You will have explanations, both of how to use the app, and how to perform the best routines and effects.

This app is created by professional magicians from Argentina, Javier Franco, Leandro Bas and La Maga Abril, who use it regularly in their professional routines, in social, corporate and TV events.

With this app, the creators Javier Franco and Leandro Bas created a routine, which you will find within the instructions, which won in 2019 in the category mentalism in CADI (ARGENTINE CONGRESS OF ILLUSIONISM). You can learn it easily and do it yourself.

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