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effect: Instagram Printed Prediction

The magician delivers a prediction to a spectator.
Then, the magician searches on his instagram the profile of that person, goes to his posts and asks him to choose a post at random, without looking.
Once the choice is made, the magician guesses everything that is seen in that post, the text, the place, the amount of I like, etc.
Then, shows that the prediction is a printed photograph that matches exactly with the chosen post!


The revolutionary application created by Magic Pro Ideas.
With it you can do amazing magic effects using the social network Instagram of any person, company, place, hashtag, post, really with anything!

Impress anyone, in any situation.
Imagine being able to do magic with the instagram of anyone, anywhere and anytime. And without the need to know anything about magic, without complicated techniques or practice. You can learn to use it in minutes. The app does all for you.

This revolutionary app is ideal for beginners and professional magicians.
Magicgram is a world of magical possibilities, with several effects with their respective explanations on video.
You will also be able to create your own effects, with Magicgram the limit is your imagination!

Magicgram is designed for smartphones and tablets.
It can be used from Close Up magic, even in large scenarios!