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effect: Unlocking and Prediction

The magician tells the spectators that he is going to make a prediction on social media.
Then shows that his phone has a PIN code number, like the PIN code of the selected spectator.
Shows that by entering any combination of numbers the phone is not unlocked, for this, asks to the spectator to try entering their own password, he secretly enters it and it is verified that the magician's phone is not unlocked. Incredibly the spectator has unlocked the magician's phone!

The magician asks the spectator to concentrate and looked into his eyes and enter the number that he will transmit mentally.
The spectator enters the number he has received mentally, in the magician's phone, and it is unlocked!

After the reaction of the public, applause, etc., the magician asks for the spectator's phone, asks him again to concentrate, look into his eyes and think about his password (the spectator's code), the magician enters a number in the spectator's phone and it is unlocked! incredibly it has unlocked the spectator's phone!

And as a grand finale, the magician says that the post he made at the beginning was about the spectator's code.
He asks the public to enter to his social media, and there everyone sees that there is a post a few minutes ago, which says, My prediction is...with a number or code, and matches exactly with the spectator's code!


With this amazing application created by Magic Pro Ideas, designed for professional and amateur magicians, you can unlock a spectator's phone and then show him that you had his password as a prediction in your favorite social network. This will generate the best reactions.
You will take your magic to a higher level including the effects that Unlock gives you in your repertoire. You will perform with this app modern and especially impossible tricks!

Just as you carry your phone everywhere, you will always carry this app with you, you can perform incredible tricks at any time and place.
You will have explanations, both of how to use the app, and how to perform the best routines and effects.

This app is created by professional magicians from Argentina, Javier Franco, Leandro Bas and La Maga Abril, who regularly use it in their professional routines, in social, corporate and TV events.
Welcome to UNLOCK by MAgic Pro Ideas.